About Us

Whether you’re a first-time user or shopping for replacement parts, MIAMI VAPOR SHOP is your one stop vape store in Miami for vaporizers. We have more styles, colors, accessories and options than anywhere else. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and providing the best shopping experience that satisfies all of your needs is our mission everyday

We realize that smokers think they want an e-cigarette that looks like a cigarette, but those of us that use the product know that due to poor battery life, insufficient heat and nicotine delivery and poor quality control,  these are not sufficient to help people fully transition to e-cigarettes.For this reason, we do not sell an e-cigarette that looks like a cigarette. Smokers want it to hit like a cigarette, not just look like one. With technology the way it is at this time, we can only have one or the other. We chose the one most likely to work for most smokers.

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